Raven Cars

The first luxury carmaker in the metaverse.


Bringing the automotive to the next level by raising quality standards, Raven Cars pushes the limits of digitally conceived cars toward new boundaries. Our models are judiciously crafted by professional car designers and CGI artists aiming to lead a revolution in the segment of the luxury cars.


Founded in 2022 by an all-Italian team of car designers and professionals from the automotive industry, Raven Cars develops exclusive digital concept cars following the highest standards of traditional car design.

The cars are certified as NFTs and the corresponding 3D model is included with each car, essential for making them come to life in virtual platforms, metaverses, videogames, film and CGI productions. Teaming up with some of the most iconic brands of the contemporary automotive scenario, Raven Cars joins a worldwide network that enables multiple paths inside a multiverse combining reality and digital world.

Our goal is to propose innovative digital cars, as well as other virtual assets, distinguished by devotion to high-quality design, with a strong commitment to realism. This is how premium digital assets will change the perception and the experience of luxury goods. This is how we imagine the future. This is how we shape the present.

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