Raven Cars

The first luxury carmaker in the metaverse.


Born from love for supercars, shaped by passion for high quality design, conceived by expertise in automotive modelling, realized with last generation technologies, the GT represents the first NFT concept car developed by Raven. Elegance of forms, powerfull hull and engines, care of shapes and lines, harmony of volumes, attention to detail… all of this is Raven GT. Inspired by the future, sculpted by the wind, made possible by your dreams.



Raven is a project powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Our innovative NTF cars will be purchasable and safely collectable on the Ethereum blockchain thanks to the ERC-721 token standards, some unique identification numbers that will grant full ownership rights to its owner. 3D digital car models can be hodled or traded fast and easily on OpenSea, the main NFT marketplace as of today. The team is also evaluating to use some other marketplaces such as Foundation and SuperRare to propose its new collections. Price of NFT cars will be displayed in ETH (Ether).